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Thread: Why are we using a forum developed in PHP

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    Default Why are we using a forum developed in PHP

    I would have though it a good marketing point if the interactive parts of the AlphaSoftware site (eg. this Forums) was developed in Alpha Products.

    I believe that it conveys the wrong message, ie. it does not show trust or belief in the companys own products.

    I thought that is a new Forums was to be used it would have been a showcase for the tools.

    Just my 2c worth.

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    Aaron told me at the conference that it was a big project to do so, and they don't have the time.

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    Default It's all about priorities and resources...

    I don't have a problem with Alpha's decision to use an existing and mature product as it's forum software.

    Whilst I can see the appeal of a message board powered by Alpha, this nevertheless means re-invention of the wheel. In an efficient organizations, resources are always at a premium, so Aarons explanation does make perfect sense to me.

    It's a good looking and IMHO very handy forum now (and now :cool: )
    Between the Alps and a comfy place

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    Because it would take hundreds of hours of development time to create a product of this caliber. Where would you rather we put our development time: into developing the product for our customers or into developing and debugging a messageboard from scratch when there are already several excellent choices on the market?

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    Default Thanks, Alpha!

    Both the question and the answer are great. Thank you, Aaron, for the decision to invest the time in making Alpha products better!

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