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Thread: Date format when typing in the date?

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    Default Date format when typing in the date?


    I have a grid with a table that has a date field. I've formatted the field dd/mm/yyyy, and have chosen an in-line style.

    When I test it, however, by typing in a date instead of clicking on the calendar, the slashes aren't automatically inserted, and the result is that the date is not saved. How can I get the slashes to default into the field like they do in the desktop publishing?

    Thank you,

    PS - I'm working with the V7 beta version.

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    I don't know if this is what you mean, but I think this works (see attachement):
    When you include the date field in the grid:
    • Select Date Picker to True.
    • Specify the Date format (should noty really be nesessary, since your format is the default).
    • After that, when applicable, select Date Picker to False.
    • That should do it.

    I'm not sure, but I read between your lines that you set the date format in the Field rules of the table. This doesn't work in a component.

    I might be very wrong here, I seem to have a very sensitive relationship with date fields, being a european...


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