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Thread: Linking to a A5W page in Dreamweaver

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    Marjorie Taber

    Default Linking to a A5W page in Dreamweaver

    I am creating a website using Dreamweaver and I want to link a *.A5W page to it. I created the Grid Component and the A5W file which work fine on their own. When I create the link to the file (images.A5W) in Dreamweaver and click it, it asks if I want to open or save the file. If I click Open it doesnt do anything but bring up a blank page. I want people to be able to click the link and the A5W page automatically come up. Can someone tell me if this is even possible and if so how to do it. Thanks!

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    Default RE: Linking to a A5W page in Dreamweaver

    Marjorie, the problem you are seeing is only because Dreamweaver is opening the A5W file directly for editing. Because it has not been executed by the server at that point, there is no grid to display. This is the same behavior you would get if you were using PHP, ASP or any other technology with Dreamweaver to connect to a database.

    However if you put your pages on the server so that clicking the link to your A5W page actually sends the request through the server and the A5W code gets executed, you will see the data as you are expecting.


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