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Thread: Hyperlinks, Printing of Reports

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    Default Hyperlinks, Printing of Reports

    The Web Component Builder is a nice, simple utility and I got the hang of it pretty good so far. Just a couple of questions for items that I have not been able to solve:

    I would like to link one web page (*.A5W) to another to create a Main Menu with other screens below. What is the simplest way to create the hyperlinks (Either on Text or the Button Tool)?

    Report Printing
    How do I link a Alpha5 Report so that I can click on the table to print it from the Web Application?

    Is there a Tutorial or a Manual that would explain both questions above?


    Andy Sigrist

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    Default RE: Hyperlinks, Printing of Reports

    there are samples that do what you want in the demo web app that ships with a5v6.

    calling the 'grid builder' a 'nice, simple utility' is a little like calling 'war and piece' a 'nice short story' :)

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