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Thread: Time Savers

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    Steve Dentler

    Default Time Savers

    Where I burn three times the time saved using A5--If only we had:

    browse that refreshes on command

    two line browse (even if it had to be read only)

    color expressions for buttons

    disable and enable expressions for buttons (might be handy for fields also)

    explicit lock command (RLock function)

    variables on forms to have field length enforced by format rules

    flicker free forms

    system-wide disabling of A5 shortcuts

    menu control of modal print.preview screen

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    Default RE: Time Savers


    I like your list!

    In addition to controlling the input length for variables on forms it would be VERY nice if we could use masks to control the inputs from the user.

    For embedded browses to be used effectively for controlled input sequences we need:

    a) the same sort of "events" to be exposed for columns that we have for field objects in forms. (CanArrive, OnArrive, OnChange, etc.)

    b) the ability to shift focus from one column to another, and to refresh the display in individually specified columns;

    c) control over the behavior of the row when the user tabs through the last column (i.e. be able to keep focus on the same row until certain specified conditions are met.)

    -- tom

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