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Thread: Time formats for forms

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    Default Time formats for forms

    What are the chances of getting a few time formats for forms?

    Something like:

    Military....... 15:45
    Short Time..... 3:45 pm
    Long Time...... 03:45:30 pm
    Scientific..... 15:45:30.40

    If not at the form level, how about masks available at the field rule level?

    Jerry Gray

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    Default RE: Time formats for forms

    Hello Jerry,

    Perhaps the following spells out the picture a bit fuller.
    I hope it will strengthen the request.

    This is from the HELP file of a RAD Development product.

    Time Pictures


    @T All time pictures begin with @T.

    n Determines the time picture format. Time picture formats range from 1 through 8. A leading zero (0) indicates zero-filled hours.
    s A separation character. By default, colon ( : ) characters appear between the hour, minute, and second components of certain time picture formats. The following s indicators provide an alternate separation character for these formats.
    . (period) Produces periods
    ' (grave accent) Produces commas
    - (hyphen) Produces hyphens
    _ (underscore) Produces spaces
    B Specifies that the format displays as blank when the value is zero.

    Times may be stored in a numeric variable (usually a LONG), a TIME field (for Btrieve compatibility), or in a STRING declared with a time picture. A time stored in a numeric
    variable is called a "Standard Time." The stored value is the number of hundredths of a second since midnight. The picture token converts the value to one of the eight time

    For those time pictures which contain string data, the actual strings are customizable in an Environment file (.ENV). See the Internationalization section for more information.


    Picture Format Result

    @T1 hh:mm 17:30
    @T2 hhmm 1730
    @T3 hh:mmXM 5:30PM
    @T03 hh:mmXM 05:30PM
    @T4 hh:mm:ss 17:30:00
    @T5 hhmmss 173000
    @T6 hh:mm:ssXM 5:30:00PM
    @T7 Windows Control Panel setting for Short Time
    @T8 Windows Control Panel setting for Long Time

    Alternate separators
    @T1. Period separator
    @T1- hh-mm Dash separator
    @T3_ hh mmXM Underscore produces space separator
    @T4' hh,mm,ss Grave accent produces comma separator

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