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Thread: No more file handles

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    Terry Brossman

    Default No more file handles

    I recently tried converting a program I developed and have been using for nearly 7 years under Microsoft Windows 98 to the new Windows operating system XP. I am using Alpha Four version 7.0. I get the error message no more file handles left when I am using dome of the function in Alpha Four. I remember I had to increase the file handles in the config.sys to 99 under window 98. I don't know how to get the computer to recoginize the config.sys under Windows XP. Any ideas?

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    If you search the forum you will find a number of times this has been resolved.

    In XP, it's config.nt not config.sys and it's in the windows directory.

    Find it on your system and modify that file.

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    Terry Brossman

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    That was the answer.


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