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Thread: printing a report problem

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    Richard Willems

    Default printing a report problem

    I am using A4V8, single user, on Windows XP. When I print a report on an HP960 printer, USB, the printer only prints the first page. I cannot find any settings that would limit the number of pages to print or to print the additional pages that I need. Please help me.

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    Default RE: printing a report problem

    Hi Richard,

    Just some thoughts and I am afraid no help.
    Mostly printers are defaulted to use a papertray but sometimes sheets by hand or push a button for print next page. If there is a display / led and what is different between printing from Alpha or something else?
    When you print your report ons screen you see how many pages there are. So it's not your report?
    Do you have only the first page with every report? or just this one?
    If you say it's your printer I should ivestigate the web for detailed instructions about your printer.
    Good luck

    Ton Spies

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    Richard Willems

    Default RE: printing a report problem

    I want to clarify my problem, I did not have the page length set correctly and it started to print the second page of the report but stopped at the end of the first sheet of paper. This also was the result when I printed to a file, Microsoft Office Document Imaging. The report printed fine to the screen. I solved my problem by connecting a good old Star 1000 printer and printing in DOS, printed fine. The Star 1000 will give me the print quality that I need. To sum up the problem I would say that there is a problem in the portion of the software printing to a Windows printer.

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    Frank Kalb

    Default RE: printing a report problem

    We have purchased Alpha Four V8 and also Additional users program.
    However we have yet to be able to print from V8 at all. We can not even get it to print to file- please help- we have been trying for over a month!


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    Richard Willems

    Default RE: printing a report problem

    I hope that I do not sound too elementary but the first step is to use the layout menu to create a report layout. After placing the various items on the layout page then at the bottom of the page use (F7 GOTO). Then the "Report parameters" and the "Record selection & print settings" must be configured. After I did these steps I could print to a file, screen, or a DOS printer.

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