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Thread: A4V8 Single Envelope Printing

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    Arnold Dubin

    Default A4V8 Single Envelope Printing

    I have tried to set-up A4V8 to print single envelope using landscape mode with a HP LaserJet 1300 printer and no matter what I do I can't get it to work. I also willing to feed the envelopes vertically into the printer but I don't see how to set-up that either. It doesn't seem like any of the print parameters (i.e. Portrait vs. landscape, margins, etc.) make a different when trying to print to the HP LaserJet printer. I am using Windows XP.

    Any help would be appreciated,


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    Rick Sloan

    Default RE: A4V8 Single Envelope Printing

    Hi Arnold Dubin

    I set my envelopes up as letters. I set up a folder in the A4V6 directory called Envelopes. Because the envelope is in the centre, you have to fiddle around with this "letter" to get the envelope to print out at the centre. Once that is done, you are good to go.

    I will post what I have done when I go into an envelope and get the format. You then can use this format for all letters.

    One thing though. I thought the HP 1300 did not even have the PCL (printer computer language) in it. Can you print to the 1300 from A4?


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    Rick Sloan

    Default RE: A4V8 Single Envelope Printing

    Hi I'm back

    The printer setup is in the landscape mode. You leave everything as if it was a letter.

    At a blank Letter, you hit the enter key 13 times. The reason I use the enter key, is because you can manipulate it better (and I've tried it all). This works.

    Then you can add your logo like a regular letter and address by either typing it or adding fields from your company DBF.

    As I say, you may have to fiddle around a bit, but once you save it, you can make as many envelopes you want. I even have speciality Envelope (you know... odd shaped).

    Please let me know about the HP 1300. Where are you situated? The 1300's in my area will not print A4.

    If you want more info let me know.



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    Rick Sloan

    Default RE: A4V8 Single Envelope Printing

    Me again

    I forgot to tell you, once you have your address typed in you hit the enter key 4 times (you may have to adjust this).

    Then left justification 49 and add the fields the letter will be addressed to (or add address).

    You can add what ever fonts you want...and you print it up like a regular letter in your scripts.



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