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Thread: Larger screen Alpha4 v8 with XP

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    John Jackloski

    Default Larger screen Alpha4 v8 with XP

    I recently started usning Alph4 V8 on XP. The screen comes up when I click on the icon is small. With windows 98 I could make the whole screen alpha 4. I would like to do the same with Alpha 4 V8 on XP.


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    Default RE: Larger screen Alpha4 v8 with XP


    The [ALT]-[Enter] combination toggles between DOS window and full screen.


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    Dave Pawley

    Default RE: Larger screen Alpha4 v8 with XP

    You have most of the same options in XP that you had in Win98 except there is no toolbar. To access the properties and fonts dialog right click on the DOS prompt icon in the titlebar and select "properties" select the "fonts" tab, select either Lucida Console or Raster fonts and then the size. This will adust your screen to accommodate the the new larger font. If you have your resolution cranked up, you may need custom DOS Box fonts which are available at

    You can also check the "Qucik Edit Mode" on the Options tab. Which will allow you to left click and drag the mouse to hi-lite text. When you have your text selected, right click to copy to the windows clipboard.

    Now you can either past into any windows application as normal in windows or in any entry screen field in Alpha4 by right clicking. I use this in conjuction with the F5/F6 copy/paste feature in Alpha4 to gain an additional clipboard.

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    Get a copy of Yankee Clipper III or pay for Yankee Clipper X and you will have an essentially infinite clipboard. To easily access the Yankee Clipper to pick which item out of the clipboard history that you want, you will need to run in something less than full screen mode, or you will need to use the "windows-d" key combo to shift screens and back.

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