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Thread: A New Year puzzle...

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    Default A New Year puzzle...

    Hi folks

    I'll try to explain this as simply as I can...

    I have an order processing app. The main screen contains customer/order details and there is a region which can show up to 40 product lines on any one order.

    Each product ordered by a customer is made in one of 6 different production workshops. Each product stock record has a field with a single character to designate which production area makes that item.

    I want to be able to e-mail the appropriate parts of the customer's order to the appropriate workshop. I have succeeded in doing this by filtering the "reports" on the single-letter workshop code.

    However, I need to be able to have a field in the order screen which contains details of all the workshops involved in that particular order, e.g. if a customer orders a knife made by workshop A, and a spoon made by workshop D, the field should contain the string "AD". If the order is for two spoons I don't want the field to say "ADD" (although if that can't be avoided I can work round the later manipulation of the field using the $ substring inclusion function).

    Why do I think I want all this? Well, each workshop sends its own finished products to the main packing area, to be combined with goods from the other workshops. The complication is that the company also supplies a range of pre-made products which are simply sold to the customer from stock (all workshops hold the same stocks), and I need a way of including those pre-made products on just ONE of the workshop orders. Customers may order goods made by say, workshop A only, in which case the pre-made goods need adding to A's instructions. Or they may order goods made by workshops A,B,D and F, in which case the pre-made products need to be added to any ONE of the workshops' instructions. Still with me?

    My thoughts are that if I have a field on the order screen which contains, say, "ABDF" to indicate which workshops are involved in that one order, I can manipulate the reports in such a way that I can specify which instructions are sent to which workshop by inspecting the contents of the field. There are also other useful features I can implement once I have my field in place. (Naturally, if the contents of the order are updated/changed at any time, the contents of the field need to be automatically updated too.)

    I would much appreciate any suggestions (or lateral thinking if I'm a bit off-track!). Have spent hours on this and although most of the app is now working well, I just can't seem to crack the "ABDF" field method.

    Many thanks, and a Happy 2005 to all...

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    Default RE: A New Year puzzle...

    Hello Paul

    You question is not really clear to me but as you write about you code on the screen and about manipulations of reports.
    Anyway in the stockrecord you have one field for the shopcode A or B or C etc. I would suggest that you make for every shop a seperate numeric field. ShopA, ShopB, ShopC or something like that.
    In the stockrecords alle the fields from ShopA untill FieldF are initially blank or zero.
    Only in one field you enter a 1(one) if the production is made in that shop.

    When you make the fields numeric, you can have a summary in the set.
    Normally displayes as:
    A B C D E F
    0 8 15 0 0 0

    When you can work with calculated fields on your form you must be able to make Calculated fields.
    e.g. SA with the value of “if total_shopA =0,””,A
    Calculated field SB with the value of “if total_fieldB =0,””,B etc
    And displayed your calculatedfields on the screen you’ll find (space) B C (space) (space) (space)

    The adventage using seperate field also allow you to print filtering these fields.

    Good Luck

    Just my 2 cents.

    Ton Spies

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