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Thread: Upgrading A4 V2 To V8

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    Arnold Dubin

    Default Upgrading A4 V2 To V8

    I am a newbie and need some advice about upgrading Alpha 4 v2.0 to V8. We are currently running the application on Windows 98. Ideally I want to put it on a PC that is running XP Pro and network it back to a Win98 PC. What steps must I take to get it converted from V2 to V8 and then network the 2 computers? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Gedi Margaitis

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    V2 is upward compatible. Therefore, V8 will open the same files that you've been using with V2. All the forms, reports...etc. will be there.

    To network it back to the WIN/98 pc, install V8 on the WIN/XP pc and map a drive to the WIN/98 pc. Then, open any file using the mapped letter.


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    Arnold Dubin

    Default RE: Upgrading A4 V2 To V8

    Gedi Margaitis

    Thank you for your help. I already installed A4V8 and got it working. I just need to get the network connection working.

    Again thanks,


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