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Thread: Version 6 To 8 WINDOWS PRO

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    Charles Hull

    Default Version 6 To 8 WINDOWS PRO

    I recently installed Alpha4 Version 8 on my Windows Professional System and have encountered the following and I've just started to test the system:
    1. All views and browse table must be re-saved in order for them to work.
    2. When running all of the applications, very large system, I receive the following message, NO MORE FILE HANDLES EXIST, and I have files set two 255 and buffers set to 64.
    3. Full screen Window does not work at all.

    NOTE: This system works perfectly on Windows 98.

    Can anyone help with the above as the system is not usable in this state.

    Thank you

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    Gedi Margaitis

    Default RE: Version 6 To 8 WINDOWS PRO

    Go to Start, Programs, Alpha4V8.

    You'll find several manuals. Look at "What's New in Alpha4 V7." (it applies to V8 as well).

    For File Handles, look at the section "What to Do if you get 'insufficient file handles' message."

    For the screen, look at the section "Setting Alpha Four to Always Start in Full Screen Mode in Windows 2000/NT/XP.


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