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Thread: Configure Email using WinAgent

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    Matthew Kruse

    Default Configure Email using WinAgent

    A coworker and I use A4v8 (loaded onto our work's shared drive, not our C drive) but only my computer has the Windows Agent icon in the system tray. Since my coworker apparently can't access Winagent on her computer, she can't configure her email and, thusly, can't send Alpha 4 documents to her external email printer destination. In fact, when she tries to set her printer destination to "Email External" and then prints, an email with the document included pops up onto my computer screen.

    How can we access WinAgent on her computer? Do we need to reinstall the software??

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    Gedi Margaitis

    Default RE: Configure Email using WinAgent

    A4V8 installation goes thru the Windows Registry. Therefore, A4V8 must be installed individually on each PC.


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    Matthew Kruse

    Default RE: Configure Email using WinAgent

    Thanks for your response. Are you saying that A4v8 needs to be installed on each computer's C drive? Our A4 database info needs to be shared and updated by multiple users--is that possible when it's not on a shared (S) drive? I have a shortcut to A4v8 on my desktop, with the program loaded on our shared drive and I've had no problem accessing Windows Agent and configuring my email to send reports, letters, etc. from A4.

    Appreciate your time.


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