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Thread: USB Port

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    Default USB Port

    Do I understand correctly that Alpha 4V7 wont print to a USB printer? I have a new laptop that has no other ports except USB. Any suggestions on how I can get A4V7 to print to a USB printer?


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    Gedi Margaitis

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    That's right. Although, some people claim to have been able to print to it.

    You'll have to hook up your printer to a non USB port to print.


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    Francois Blawat

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    Quick thought.

    Has anyone tested this new cable that I noticed that will convert a USB port to a parallel printer? I saw these items in the latest TigerDirect catalog. I was not sure how this could work but It looks like it will also allow the reverse. USB printer to a Parallel connector?

    Would these somehow help in printing with v7 and above of Alpha4?

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