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Thread: New install of A4v8- multi-user recommendations?

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    Walt Barrett

    Default New install of A4v8- multi-user recommendations?

    Thanks to anyone takes time to help me out here.

    I bought 10 licenses of a4v8 and want to upgrade from a4v6. Problem is my predecessor set this all up and I am having trouble figuring out the correct way to install/setup for multiusers.

    A4v6 is setup in its own directory (S:\A4V6), which contains folders for all our users. I imagine they contain user specific setup info. The databases files are located in (S:\ALPHA). In each users folder is a batch file with a startup line of:

    s:\ALPHA4V6\ALPHA -N=s:\ALPHA4V6 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6

    This has and still does work fine for v6. Now I have the newly installed A4v8 (S:\A4V8). And when I try to duplicate my predecessors efforts with this line:

    s:\ALPHA4V8\A4 -N=s:\ALPHA4V8 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6

    Two dos windows open and close very fast I cant see what they say. BUT if I just click on a4.exe it works fine. As a matter of fact I can do that on several machines and it works, but of course, any changes any particular user does, effects all the users since I imagine they are "sharing" the config files in the root folder (s:\a4v8).

    To make a long story short, what is the best way to setup a multi-user a4v8 environment? I dont mind starting over to do this the "right" way. Are the "user" folders even needed? Do I need some kind of path statement? Im a newbie at this so details are appreciated.

    Thank you again for any attempt to help me out.


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    Gedi Margaitis

    Default RE: New install of A4v8- multi-user recommendation

    Please call Tech Support at 781-229-4500 and we'll be able to assist you.


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