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Thread: Port Alpha4 v8

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    Jeffry Rosmarin
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    Aug 2001

    Default Port Alpha4 v8

    Just a quick sugestion.
    Now that Alpha4 vr7 and 8 is able to run on Windowz platforms, why not also make Alpha4 available to run under the LINUX platfor as well?
    From personal experience I find the LINUX has everything a user could want with the exception of a good solid personal Database.
    Alpha could tap into this market and make some new inroads for this excellent product.


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    Alpha Software Employee AaronBBrown's Avatar
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    Aaron Brown
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    Default RE: Port Alpha4 v8

    The amount of time required to port a DOS app (which was actually written under OS/2) to Linux would be an immense undertaking. It isn't as simple as compiling it under a new operating system. Alpha Four has millions of lines of code written in C (and even some assembly).

    Since A5 is our main product, spending thousands of hours on a console mode A4 port would not be practical.

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    Real Name
    Jeffry Rosmarin
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    Aug 2001

    Default RE: Port Alpha4 v8

    Thanks for the reply!
    Okay what you said makes lots of cents -).
    On another note I have gotten Alpha 4 ver7 working under SuSE 8.0 Persoanl using DOSEMU, the only problem is it's soooo slow.
    Any sugestions on how to make it run better (faster) so I can actually use it? I have another DOS app running under DOSEMU as well and the performance is just the same as it would be running it straight from DOS.

    If alpha4 can run at a resonable speed then this would be a great thing and another feather in Alpha4's and Alpha softwares hat.

    Thanks Jeff

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