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Thread: Upgrade from Version 4

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    Wayne Wickboldt

    Default Upgrade from Version 4

    I am a somewhat inactive Alpha Four programmer. I need to upgrade a client from ver. 4 to ver. 7. Are there any issues I need to be aware of regarding upgrading this clients ver. 4 application, such as menu structure, script processing, printing reports, etc? I am hoping that the core program that I have in ver. 4 will port over to ver. 7 pretty much intact. Thanks.

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    Howard Elkes

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    The only possible problem you might have is in scripts if you use C(hoose) O(pen) and then supply a database name.

    One of the earlier versions of Alpha Four used only the C command followed by the database name -- however, I'm not sure whether it was version 3 or version 4.

    I have performed many upgrades and found no problems or inconsistencies.

    Howard R. Elkes

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    Ken Fleming

    Default RE: Upgrade from Version 4

    I went from Ver. 6 to 7, but there should be no problems. All Ver. 7 does is add the Windoes Printer Drivers. Nothing else as I understand it.


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