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Thread: Version 7 Running Version 3 Application

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    Drew Newman

    Default Version 7 Running Version 3 Application

    OK, I just upgraded to Windows XP and of course my old clunker Alpha 4 (Version 3), which ran just fine under Windows ME now crashes HARD. Nothing I do to the settings will make it run, and now it get a message that says:

    LAN Error: Adapter Malfunction - Please Reboot

    I'm not on a LAN, and from what I've read, only version 7 of the DOS program will work with XP . . .

    So I guess my question is whether or not the application I spent so long writing in Version 3 will transport seamlessly to version 7 . . . OR, if there's some trick I can get the program to perform to try and run in compatibility mode . . .

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Lee H. DeMary
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    Mar 2002

    Default RE: Version 7 Running Version 3 Application

    I have exactly the same problem!! Hope someone comes up with an answer and soon---- Maybe its best to order the new upgrade version 7 -----Alpha advertizes printer drivers and such problems will go away with the new version 7 -----hummmm. My version of alpha4v3 has been running on Win95 platform for many years. Using two printer ports Lpt1 & Lpt2 hope the new version will allow that with XP. Shoot I guess I could have had a custom built up computer with Win95 but that presents problems for newer hardware ---- no way out but hope Version 7 works as advertized---
    Lee -

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    Drew Newman

    Default RE: Version 7 Running Version 3 Application

    I must say, I ordered version 7 and it came through as advertised, so far. The only thing I've had to was copy the a4pal file from my old system so I could use the same colors I was used to, as I had changed all the colors. Other than that it looks just like the old Alpha4 . . . I was hoping to get the new Zip Code directory, which apparently didn't come with it. I need to give them a call about that.

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    Allen Klimeck
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    Apr 2000

    Default RE: Version 7 Running Version 3 Application

    do a search on the V6 forum for Lan error or similar

    try here:

    all one line

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