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Thread: Un-Installing A4V7

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    Daniel Packer

    Default Un-Installing A4V7

    I tried uninstalling the program from the control panel icon of "add/remove programs" and I received a "Wise Uninstall" error message of "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file". Can this be corrected? Do I even need to uninstall the program using the "add/remove programs" icon?

    Also, I apparently received one of the first disks that had the windows printer error in the start-up batch file. Can I get a corrected disk or can I correct it on the disk?

    Thanks for upgrading the DOS version. So far, the rest of the stuff seems to work great.

    Dan Packer

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    Will Stone

    Default RE: Un-Installing A4V7

    Check out Sslewyn's announcement obout the error in the bat file. it will walk you through how to fix the problem on your system. There is no need for a new disk, just a simple adjustment.

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