(NOTE: This does not apply to you if you received your CD after November 14, 2001)

We have found a small error in two batch files that the Alpha Four V7 Installation Program installs. These batch files are used to start Alpha Four.

Correcting this error is very easy, and must be done in order to successfully use Window printer drivers.

The steps below describe how to make the edits to these batch files. Install Alpha Four V7 first. Then make the corrections described in the following steps.:

1. Click the Start button in the bottom left corner of your screen.
2. Select the "Run..." command.
3. Type "Notepad.exe" at the prompt, and click OK. This will start Notepad.
4. Select File/Open from the Notepad menus.
5. Open the "ALPHA4.BAT" file. This file will be in the folder where you installed Alpha Four Version 7.
(If you accepted the defaults, it will be in c:Program FilesAlpha Four V7)
6. Change "prininfo.a4" to "ptrinfo.a4"
7. Select the File/Save command from the Notepad menus to save the batch file.
8. Repeat the process for the file "A4.BAT". (The A4.BAT file should be identical to the ALPHA4.BAT file. It is merely provided as a convenience to people who are used to starting Alpha Four by typing "A4").