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Developer Needed
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Thread: Developer Needed

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    I have an application that I've developed for a process serving company that I've been using for about 15 years. I originally wrote it in Alpha 4 for dos and have ported it over to Alpha 5. It has been doing the job but due to business growth I need to add an invoice module to it.

    Currently, it's setup to flag records when they are complete and prints a report that acts as an invoice. It prints two copies - one for the customer and one for the file. The completed records are then moved to a history file. The invoice is not tracked at all.

    Anyone interested in helping me out. I am willing to pay of course.

    Thanks alot!

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    Yes, I feel that I could help you. I am in Orlando and retired and would like to help. You have probably gotten many offers by now but I am here.


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    You actually move completed invoices to a different database than the one they originated in?

    Why do you do this?

    Also, do you have a database for tracking customer information? If so, make it a set and link your invoices to your customer file. Link via a "customer number" on your invoice file to a "customer number" in your customer file. Then filter the invoice region on a logical field titled "open". (if invoice IS NOT paid in full, then "open" = .t., if invoice IS paid in full, then "open" = .f.)

    Doing this will cause only the OPEN invoices for the current customer record to display...a simple way to visually check open invoices on screen.


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