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Thread: Printer drivers

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    Russ Appelbaum

    Default Printer drivers

    I have recently replaced an aging epson dot matrix printer with an HP 800 series and I am not able to ge the proper print format output.
    I am using A4 ver. 3 on a Pentium 133 machine under windows 95.
    Are there any drivers I must install or special commands I must send to A4 or the printer to correct this situation?

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    Default RE: Printer drivers

    You said that you are using Alpha4?
    Some of the newer printers may not be DOS compatiable.
    If the printer will work with DOS (try going to a DOS prompt and typing dir >LPT1) the you will have to get the DOS drivers from the Mfg.
    Might be time to move to Alpha5 or go back to an older printer.
    Charlie Crimmel

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