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Thread: Password Storage Program

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    Cameron Moles

    Default Password Storage Program

    This program was created in Alpha 5 v3.04. It is a program designed for any one wanting to store all their passwords and user id's in one place for easy reference later when you need them.

    The program is also designed for safety. No one should be able to see your passwords and id's except for the main administrator of the program.

    The program is also designed so several different users with several different passwords can use it. I hope you find the program practical and useful.

    Contact me if you have any questions.

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    Cameron Moles

    Default Here's the Program. I Hope!!!

    Hopefully, HERE IT IS!!!

    Sorry it didn't get attached to the original post. I just followed the on screen prompts. I think maybe where I had it stored that the path was to long. I have had this problem with Alpha 5 before so maybe the have the same problem with the website. We will see.

    For those who E-mailed me I will try to send you and e-mail with the program attached. Look for "The Password Storage Program". Thanks for the interest.

    Cameron Moles

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    Cameron Moles

    Default Updated Password Storage Program

    After posting the program I found out that I had forgot to make it possible to change password info. This has been corrected and this program should be in full working order. The new file is Password Storage Program2.exe.


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