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Thread: Alpha specialist in Yorkshire?

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    mark stringer

    Default Alpha specialist in Yorkshire?

    I need to get in touch with an alpha specialist that can help troubleshoot a number of issues in an application written using Alpha 5 V 4.5 in Castleford in Yorkshire

    The application was written in a previous version and upgraded by to the current version to be compatible for Windows XP. They currently have a number of issues such as loosing data from fileds. Strange typing occuring in fields, error messages.

    Is there anyone who has seen this kind of behaviour and think they can help resolve it?


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    Default RE: Alpha specialist in Yorkshire?


    We have extensive expeience of Alpha V5 from V4.5 onwards and are based in Newcastle upon Tyne

    You can contact me at or on 07703 260568


    Alex Muir
    Database Software Solutions

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    mark stringer

    Default RE: Alpha specialist in Yorkshire?

    thanks for your reply.

    Were actually binning the system. Bit of a waste but we have no idea how bad the problems are and feel the best way forward is a professional solution based on Http/SQL.


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    Alpha Software Employee Lenny Forziati's Avatar
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    Default RE: Alpha specialist in Yorkshire?

    Alpha Five v 6 includes an HTTP server and can connect to any ADO data source.


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