Hi UK Users
Although my company uses GEAC (Ex.JBA) System 21 on an AS400 platform, I have used Alpha4V6 for many years predominantly as a bridge or interface between the host AS400 and applications written in Alpha. I am not an RPG400 programmer so the only way i have satisfied the users is by writing the applications in Alpha. Currently we have Alpha4 applications for Bill of Materials, Factory Production Performance, Production Management, Forecasting and countless bespoke reports.
I have to admit that I still like 4V6 and accept that it's a bit old hat now but the users are more than happy with using it - so as the saying goes .....

We are a Canadian owned company and have recently been ordered by my peers to standardise on RPG400 (in case the proverbial bus wipes me out !) so regrettably Alpha4 will soon be a thing of the past for the company.

However if there is going to be a UK presence then I am keen to see it develop but I also wholeheartedly agree with other UK correspondants that access to our Western Allies message board is invaluable.

Look forward to seeing more useful info.