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    Default Xbasic Training

    Being an experienced A4 user I have made the move to A5V4. However, I have struggled with XBasic. Does anyone know in the UK where I can buy training.

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    Default RE: Xbasic Training

    Hello Alex

    Most people have learnt Alpha by trial and error. But best of all from asking questions on this message board. We are are all here to help each other and its free. Watch out for Version 5 you will hardly need to use Xbasic.

    Good Luck

    Keith Hubert

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    Ciaran Doherty
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    Default RE: Xbasic Training

    In my A5v4 installation directory, there is a sub-dir called books which has an Xbasic reference manual.

    I found this to be quite good at answering any questions I had and it also gives handy code examples.

    Let me know if you would like this emailed to you, if it is not in your installation tree.


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