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Thread: Printer Suddenly Won't Work!

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    Gerard Hoedema

    Default Printer Suddenly Won't Work!

    I'm using Alpha4V6.2 under Windows ME and am using an HP Laserjet 4P printer. The printer configuration is set for HP LASERJET III/IV LETTER 6LPI 10CPI. This has worked well for years, but suddenly when I try to print I get the error message: "Error writing to the printer. Check your printer and the printer driver." The printer is working perfectly with any program other than Alpha, so I know the connections and Windows settings are correct. I tried reinstalling Alpha, even installed an HP Deskjet printer and get the same message. What could have gone wrong?

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    Gedi Margaitis

    Default RE: Printer Suddenly Won't Work!

    Check to make sure that the port (e.g. Lpt1) is still the same as before.


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    Gerard Hoedema

    Default RE: Printer Suddenly Won't Work!

    Thanks, Gedi. Yes, the LPT1 Port is still configured for the printer in both Windows and Alpha4V6, but it still won't print in Alpha. Printer works with every other program perfectly, and it always has with Alpha in the past.

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