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    Bobby Neal

    Default crash address

    I am running a used car lot application using alpha4 V6 runtime program. I have been using it several years with no proplems. Now, fairly often, when I enter on a menu item from my main menu, it crashes. Rebooting fixes the proplem for a while, then out of the blue, it does it again and I have to reboot my computer again. I have attatched a doc. file showing what pops up on my screen when it crashes. I am running it on a 2 computer network. Only the host computer has this problem. The second compute never does it. Can anyone tell me what is happening?


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    Steve Pick
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    I can't help as this looks very much like the many I have had on odd occasions with V6.2. Didn't check the full details but I have never understood why one produces a debugging tool that nobody knows how to use. At least I have never seen an explanation for the parameters that are listed.

    In the old Days (1980's and before) when one had the assembler code and one understood the registers it was a very useful tool, but I guess Bill G has put a smoke screen over that useful information and there can be few people who understand the real details of the program.


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    The key word here is "granular".
    Do a search on the forum for that word and you will finds loads of help, but don't expect a quick fix. In particular, look for a rather long posting by Ira Perlow which contains sound advice re this type of error.

    There is also an alternative DOS extender called PMode (again, search in the forum) which is known to cure some granular crashes - since installing it I have had very few crashes. Not sure whether you can apply PMode to the runtime version, though - you may need the original app.


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