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Thread: Run A4 version under Linux

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    Jerry Donnellly

    Default Run A4 version under Linux

    I have Xandros (a Linux distribution) installed along with Win4Lin (a Windows emulator). I attempted to run A4V4 using the Win4Lin DOS, but it won't run. I was thinking that maybe an earlier version of A4, perhaps V1 or V2, might not require as much from DOS as V4 does. Thus, either of those versions might run using Win4Lin--or at least I would like to try. When I look at my files I see that I have folders for A4V1, A4V2, A4V3 and A4V4. However, when I look at the individual files in, e.g., A4V1 I don't see an EXE or BAT file to run V1 and expect that got gobbled up by A4. Does anyone know if there is a way to run pure A4V1 after you've installed V4? If so, what do I need to do? Is there a file I need, a complete new install of V1 or what? I'm still using A4V4 because my database needs are simple: Only a phone book type database, but I need the extremely simple method that A4 uses to allow data entry since it saves me thousands and thousands of keystrokes. Thus, I think any version of A4 will work for my needs if I can get it to run in Xandros/Win4Lin. Thanks. Jerry

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    Default RE: Run A4 version under Linux

    I can't help you on this Jerry, but please keep us informed what you find out.


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    Jerry Donnelly

    Default RE: Run A4 version under Linux

    I found my disks for Alpha4v3, installed them in Win4Lin and then ran A4 in a DOS window and it runs perfectly inside of Xandros. I have one problem that I'm trying to track down: My zipcode lookup database isn't working. I have it configured exactly like I do in Windows, F2 will find both the database and the index, but for some reason the actual lookup doesn't happen. Any thoughts on how to fix that? What I did was copy the entire Zipcode folder from my Windows machine to a CD, then copy it to Linux. This is what I had done before going from my desktop to my laptop (both machine running Win ME) and that worked fine. So, it may be some part of Win4Lin getting in the way.


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    Jerry Donnelly

    Default RE: Run A4 version under Linux

    I had forgotten to fill in the lookup fields. Once I did that everything runs perfectly.

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