I have a problem and hope somebody can assist.

I have both Alpha4V6.0.11 and Alpha4V7.0.0 on my old computer. It is a Dell 450Mhtz machine. I have both systems on my machine because I have printing problems with A4V7. I even have a couple of versions of Alpha5 that I cannot use. This machine has Windows 98 as a platform. I have what my son-in-law calls an in-house “wired network system.” That was done to put a “hardware firewall” “Linksys” for my cable modem.

I have for over 14 years maintained our Church’s “envelope systems” records on my machine because I do quite a bit of volunteering for my Church. Theses systems were all on an Alpha4 system. I have had all the Alpha4 versions since Alpha4V2. This year, in addition to the normal statement, my pastor wants a comparison letter sent out showing the total donation each person contributed for the past four years. These were all kept on separate files each year. I set up a “Set” and it worked fine. The letter was approved.

I now have a new machine. It is a Dell 2.60 Ghtz machine with all the bells and whistles on it and the platform is Windows XP Professional. Now all I have on my old machine is Alpha4V6 and Alpha4V7 to take care of my Church obligations. Because I have limited space my son-in-law connected both machines in the network and I now have, with the use of a switch, one flat panel screen one mouse and one keyboard for both machines.

I went to print another test letter from the set and the machine hung up. This occurred using either version of Alpha4. I thought something occurred taking data from the old machine transferring them to the new machine so I reinstalled both A4V6 & A4V7. I even deleted the “set” and set it up again. Now the set will not open. I need some assistance in a hurry because the letters are due by January 15th,