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Thread: Alpha Four - missing disk

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    Paul Leicester

    Default Alpha Four - missing disk

    We run an eary version of Alpha Four, from memory it came on a single floppy....HDD crash and we can't find our disk. Can anyone email me one. Cheers - Paul

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    Dave McClain
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    Default RE: Alpha Four - missing disk


    Can to tell me exactly what version you were using? I have several early A4 versions (1.1, 2.0, 2.1). I can send it as an attachment but would not do so before advising an attachment from a stranger is forthcoming.

    Be advised that none of these early versions are on one disk complete.........

    D. McClain

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    Paul Leicester

    Default RE: Alpha Four - missing disk

    Thanks for the offer David, 2.1 would be fine if that's ok.

    Cheers -Paul

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