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Thread: script for printing copies of.....

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    Josie Wendell

    Default script for printing copies of.....

    I have worked for 2 yrs off and on and have not been able to create the script for printing "how many _____" copies; in my case how many labels? If anyone can help me, step by step, I would be willing to pay for this script. I have given up on it and know it is me, but any help would be appreciated. Thankyou, thank you.

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    Howard Elkes

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    Do you want to print a different number of labels for each
    record? That is, print x copies of the label for a given record before printing the label(s) for the next record. Or do you want to print a given number of copies of the entire file or search/sort list? For example, do you want to print x number of sets of labels, printing one complete set of labels, and then another set, etc.

    It takes a diffeent approach for each of these options.

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    Albert Cain

    Default RE: script for printing copies of.....

    Dear Josie:

    It is hard to know exactly what you are trying to do, but I think that this may be very easily accomplished with the "Pause" function available in A4 scripting. The question I have is whether or not you can write the
    script to print five copies. If you can do that you should
    be able to take that script, and using the modify script
    command, modify it to place a {pause} where you have the
    entry of the number of copies. You will have to watch the
    nomenclature of your script write-up, but conceptually,
    the script would run up to the point of quantity needed.
    Then it would stop for a data entry of the number of copies
    needed. The data entry person would enter the number there,
    then press enter. The script would continue past that point
    as it would had it been written for five copies.

    Again, I do not know exactly what you want done, but this
    might be the answer. If you need samples of this I have them
    since we use a lot of paused scripts. In our case, the main
    item we have as a variable is the date. The script runs, then it prompts the operator for a date. An example would be to make a file of all orders shipped last week. We have a script which goes to the proper database and places it in the date index. It then asks the operator what start date using the pause command. We enter the start date. It continues, asking the stop date. We enter the second date (these are usually a Monday and a Friday of a week). Then it continues, gathering all of the fields needed in the output file, and places the file where we want it, in some cases converting it to an ASCII or Excel format for Emailing to a customer.

    If this sounds like it might work, you can look up the pause function in the A4V6 manual and it will become very clear how it is used.

    The only problem we have ever had using Pause is the tendency of operators to press F10 instead of Enter after entering a command. Training was needed here to enforce the correct data entry keystroke. Other than that, these scripts have worked beautifully for years. We have them bunched into larger scripts which accomplish many weekly or daily functions into one large script which runs from a button on a screen.

    I hope that this will be of some help.

    Albert S. Cain
    Fill It, Inc.

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