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Thread: Installation error on Win2000

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    Raphael Forbes

    Default Installation error on Win2000

    Installation error on Win2000 Server and Pro:

    Installing from three diskettes.

    Installation diskette is in the system and running under DOS.
    Color Test - OK all three colors appear.
    Select from drive path A:\
    Full Installation was selected.
    Select to drive path F:\ALPHA4V6
    Will you share? Single-User mode selected.
    Upgrad from Version 4? No

    Error message: Unable to access file. %Boot\Autoexec.bat

    16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem
    NTVDM has encountered a system Error. The parameter is incorrect.

    What are my options to install on Win2000?

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    Arlene Stoppe

    Default RE: Installation error on Win2000

    I had this same problem when I was running A4v6 and changed over to Windows 2000 server and Pro. Here is the trick. Windows 2000 server and Professional do not have an Autoexec.bat file. You need to create a dummy one. Put in something simple like PROMPT=$P$G as a line in the autoexec.bat file and save it. You will then be able to load Alpha4v6 (or any prior versions).
    NOW, you will then get a 'No more file handles' error when you try to get into Alpha. What you need to do is search for CONFIG.NT on each machine and changed the the files line to FILES=255. Save it & you may have to reboot. This should solve your installation problem.

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