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Thread: Barcoding in V 6

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    Veronica Perez

    Default Barcoding in V 6

    Can I barcode in V6? I was thinking that it was available, but now I'm drawing a blank on how to do it.

    Thank you!

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    Default RE: Barcoding in V 6


    Do you mean read barcodes or print barcodes?

    If you mean read, A4 can read input from a barcode reader as simply as if it came from the keyboard. If you mean print, I am fairly sure Windows has a barcode font that you can use.

    I have done an application that read barcode, but I have not printed barcode, so I can't offer any help on that, except to say that it ought to be straightforward.

    Good luck

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    Default RE: Barcoding in V 6


    This will be a little jumbled because of my memory.

    Some years ago I used Labels Unlimited just to print some labels. There is a database link in this Windows program which enables you to import data from say Alpha4.

    I thought I had the program on this PC but it is only on my older PC. I tried to see how to use the DB function without the manual and failed. I have just glanced at the manual for Labels Unlimited and it clearly says one can can import data and it uses the db3 format.

    If I wanted to print barcodes I would look at importing into this cheap (it was around $20 7 years ago) program and print from it. LU is a simple but efficient label maker program which I use from time to time at work.

    I don't know if it is still available.


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