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Thread: Vacation Update Script

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    Patrick Glunt
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    May 2000

    Default Vacation Update Script

    We changed our Vacation policy and I'm not sure how to adjust the script to update the Vacation Available field in our database. Our old policy was set up as follows:

    40 hours after 1 year of service, then add 8 hours for each year after to a maximum of 160 hours (4 weeks) vacation.

    The current script is as follows and is actually set up in a global update field:


    PRL_START_DATE is asked for in a date range script before running the global update.

    New Vacation policy is as follows:

    After 6 months 40 hours total
    From 1 to 4 years 80 hours total
    From 5 to 9 years 120 hours total
    For 10 years or more 160 hours total

    Any and all help with this script is greatly appreciated!

    Patrick Glunt
    Glunt Industries Inc.

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    Gary Smith
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    Apr 2000

    Default RE: Vacation Update Script

    I have not tested the following code, but it may help you think about the code in a different way:

    Pseudo Code:

    If HIRE_DATE + 6 months = PRL_START_DATE then 160

    Alpha Code (not tested):

    IF(cdate(addmonths(HIRE_DATE,6)) = cdate(ctod(%PRL_START_DATE)),160,

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