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Thread: A4v6 and VPN

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    Joe Goodson

    Default A4v6 and VPN

    Has anyone tried A4v6 over VPN? I am currently setting up a cross-town connection from a 256k T1 fraction frame relay to a DSL router using a firewall and VPN tunneling. Accessing a small database of 8 fieldsis relatively fast, but a set with 150 fields is slow. Very slow. Any suggestions on how to speed things up?

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    Ray Fernandez

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    Using A4 with VPN is not the issue here. VPN will work just fine with A4. The problem is A4 is NOT a client server structure; all records will need to be transmitted to your client machine over your VPN line.


    If a table has over 80,000 rows (records) and you'll need only 10 records, all 80,000 rows will be transferred to your client machine and all queries will be done locally. This is why it's so slow. I've experimented with Microsoft ADO components using A4 tables. I specifically specify only 10 records, all 80,000 rows (records) were transferred to my local machine and then a query was run locally to return 10 records.

    The only way you're gonna get speed is in a client server environment. This is the only way that all queries are done at the server and only those records that you need, are transmitted to you at the client.

    I think Alpha 5 if going to start using the “codebase” client server structure soon.

    Hope this helps.
    RF - ARS Motorola

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    Joe Goodson

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    Thanks Ray,
    It is helpful to know that ADO is a blind alley for A4v6. The most consistant advice I've received to date is to use remote application serving such as a Citrix server. That's not a path we want to pursue, but alas, the choices may be few.

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    John Leach

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    Set up MS Terinal server on the Server that is controling the vpn. When you log into the Terminal server the only thing that is transmitted to you is the screen and keystokes that you send back.

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