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Thread: Alpha Four Ver. 2

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    Jim Wood

    Default Alpha Four Ver. 2

    I have the old Alpha Four Version 2 and I am looking for any updates since I bought it a long time ago. Also any new drivers and advise on setting it up with Windows 98. I am tring to set up a Dbase to handle a vending route I have and need all the help and advise anyone can give me!


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    I use Alpha4 V 2.1 in Windows ME without a hitch. Have been using it for 11 years to manage a 120,000 record database. Without any "hands on" with V2.0 in Windows 98 your version should work just fine as it is in 98 or 98SE. Just install it normally. There was an issue using it with Windows ME but that problem was solved here on the Alpha 4 forum some time ago.

    If you wish I still have the original update from V 2.0 to V 2.1 if you need it. I could send it you you via attachment to your email (3 disks). The only problem you may have is with printer drivers but you can always choose a generic driver or something that is similar if you have a new printer. V2.1 probably won't help you either with printer drivers but I still use an old HP IIIP laser printer that is 11 years old too. An upgrade to A4 V6.xx would solve any of these problems if you must.

    Try what you have first.

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    Jim Wood

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    Thank you for the info and the offer! I will install the one I have and keep your file info for later. I may need some help since I tried to set it up one time before and had some problems with the getting it to do what I wanted. I also may want to upgrade to the one you have or I may upgrade to a totally newer version because I have a Lexmark Z11 printer and may have trouble there also.

    Here is a link to my E-mail if you want to mail me direct.

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