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Thread: Windows XP

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    Drew Newman

    Default Windows XP

    OK, I just upgraded to Windows XP and of course my old clunker Alpha 4 (Version 3), which ran just fine under Windows ME now crashes HARD. Nothing I do to the settings will make it run, and now it get a message that says:

    LAN Error: Adapter Malfunction - Please Reboot

    I'm not on a LAN, and from what I've read, only version 7 of the DOS program will work with XP . . .

    So I guess my question is whether or not the application I spent so long writing in Version 3 will transport seamlessly to version 7 . . . OR, if there's some trick I can get the program to perform to try and run in compatibility mode . . .

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Roy Zukerman

    Default RE: Windows XP

    Not much help, but my Alpha4V4 gets the same result in XP after running beautifully from DOS to Win 3.11 to Win95 to Win98. The Alpha people say that only the current program runs in XP and they have no intention of creating patches for earlier versions.

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    Drew Newman

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    I just bit the bullet and upgraded to Version 7. The problem is that XP doesn't use DOS (that is, it doesn't run as a child application under DOS like all previous versions of Windows), so the incarnation of DOS in the new XP version isn't really DOS but a DOS emulation . . . Anyway, we'll see what happens with Version 7. Allegedly it works seamlessly with Applications written in earlier versions of Alpah Four . . .

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