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Thread: need printer driver

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    Ronnie Williams

    Default need printer driver

    I am needing a driver for Alpha4v3 to support a Samsung ML-4500 Laser printer. I work at a Radio Station that uses A4v3 for Billing and they like it to the extent that they are not willing to upgrade. We are currently using an old dot matrix that is driving me crazy. I sure wish I could get this Samsung Laser going.

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    The first thing you need to determine is if the Samsung ML-4500 Laser printer can print from DOS. Check the documentation, the properties in the printer setup and then open a DOS window and type ver>lpt1. If this printer is connected to the parallel port, something similar to this should print. " WINDOWS 95 [Version 4.00.1111]."

    I'm not sure if you can print to a printer connected to a USB port.

    If this all works, then most printers emulate HP printers. Go into the printer configurations and pick a HP laser setup and try it. You should find one that will work.


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