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Thread: Slow Loading over network only specific sets

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    Default Slow Loading over network only specific sets

    This is a good one, We have a file server and 4 Licenced stations,the file server running win98, 2 units running a4v6 on win98 one on win 95 and the last running XP with a4v7.we run tcp/ip for internet sharing. most files open ok but one is a customer analasis set with 7 databases, 5 indexes and apx 2100 records. it takes forever to load on all but the XP machine.the XP only shows one licence user as the .net file is on its harddrive and not the server. At one time the win 95 machine loaded the file very fast but now it doesn't. the net itself is a 100mps and all other programs run extreamly quick. Could this be a problem with the a4net file? when checked the network shows as net bios, shared.

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    Default Re: Slow Loading over network only specific sets


    Did you (or anyone else, for what it's worth) ever solved this issue? I'm having this on some new machines added to our network. They're Lenovo ThinkCentre with Core2duo cpus, running XP Pro.



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