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Thread: Unique field test

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    Al Terpak

    Default Unique field test

    I'm looking for a way for A4 V6 to test a field as it is being
    entered to see if it is unique. The field is an alpha numeric 10
    character entry in a record. I then want the database to look
    into the existing data file to see if any other record has this
    same information in that same field. This filed is used to assign
    an accession number which must always be unique for each record.
    It is a required field for every record. If it finds that another
    record has the same data in that field, it would then give me an
    error message stating such.

    Can this be done in A4 V6 and if so then what method do I use to
    accomplish this task. Thanks for your help.

    Al Terpak

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    Default RE: Unique field test

    In the TEST database, the field rules for FIELD2 use a validation trigger called FIELD2VT. Look at that script. Look at the TESTUNQ index. It only allows unqiue values.

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