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Thread: Report groupings.

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    Al Terpak

    Default Report groupings.

    I'm using A4/V6 and when I create a report for printing I'm having problems in 2 areas. First, when I tried to create a single group, (1) in that parameter, to allow the report to print a new page when the field changes alphabetically, it doesn't do it. Also in the report parameters, I have set to print a blank line after every 5th record it removes that parameter and doesn't leave a blank line after every fifth record. Taking out the grouping level allows the blank line after every 5th record to work. Putting it back in removes that parameter and it also doesn't cause a new page to print when the field changes, for instance from A to B in it's lastname field,. I've done this before in another data file and it all worked fine. I copied the report parameters from this data file report setup to the new one that I'm using and it doesn't work. What gives?

    Second problem also occured with this report format. I'm using an HP Laserjet IIID to print this report out, and instead of getting a single page from the info. I have in the file, I get 5 pages printed of the same information. It doesn't seem to matter what report parameter settings I have for this to happen. Again all report and printer parameters are the same as in the valid data file I mentioned above. Screen printout is just a single page.

    I'm running the DOS version of A4/V6 in a Windows 95 environment. Works fine otherwise.

    Thanks for any help on this.

    Al Terpak

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    Chuck Thomas
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    Default RE: Report groupings.


    For the report sort, create a calc field to use as group 1 ie, substr(lastname,1,1). Make sure "start group header on a new page" is set to "yes". In the report parameters section, set "suppress blank lines" to "no" and "blank line after how many records" to "5".

    This should give you the output you wanted.

    I'm not sure about the printer problem. Maybe these report settings will have an impact.

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    Al Terpak

    Default RE: Report groupings.

    Thanks for your help Chuck. I found the printer problem was a setting made on the printer by my wife through the menu system. I changed back to copy "1" to solve that problem.

    On the second problem, I found that setting the groupings screen
    to print headings on each page to YES solved the main problem I was
    facing. This seem strange to me because on a different data set,
    I created a report using a single group and had this setting set
    to NO and it printed out fine. But as long as we got it to work,
    that's all I care about.

    Thanks again.

    Al Terpak

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