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Thread: A7 installation error

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    Ludwig Beil

    Default A7 installation error

    ptrinfo.a4 or prininfo.a4
    installation error

    After installation I tried to use the new feature of creating a printer configuration for a windows printer.
    I selected Create printer configuration
    entered A for a new printer
    entered W for windows printer
    Alpha4v7 saying reading printer file
    then showing message: Did not find window printer file: PTRINFO.A4

    I checked all directories: there is no file with this name. I have a file prinfo.a4 in subdirectory alphafourV7spool

    After I renamed the file ptrinfo.a4 in the spool directory it seems to work ok.


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    Default RE: A7 installation error


    Good intuitive detective work here, on your part. We should all benefit.


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    Default RE: A7 installation error

    Very sorry about that. We made a last minute change to the name of a file, but did not make the corresponding change in the batch file that is used to start Alpha Four.

    The installation disks have now been corrected. However, if you receive a CD for the initial batch, then it is easy to correct the problem.

    Just edit the a4.bat file that is in the program folder and on the first line change:

    printdump.exe spoolprininfo.a4


    printdump.exe spoolptrinfo.a4

    There is another identical batch file called alpha4.bat (for those who, out of habit, prefer to start Alpha Four by typing 'alpha4'). Please make the identical change to this file as well.

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