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Thread: A4V7 & DOS

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    Daniel Earley

    Default A4V7 & DOS

    I (like many others) still use A4V6 as well at A5V4. I
    still have several app. that I use with A4V6 and I see no need to move to A5V4. And I am so happy to see A4V7 coming.
    But, Since MS (Mr. Gates)is getting away from DOS, where does this leave A4V7? Very shortly (if not already here) Windows will no longer accept DOS programs. My real question is: Once A4V7 gets here, how long will I be able to use it until DOS is gone completely? What do you think or know for sure). Thanks!

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    Ken Fleming

    Default RE: A4V7 & DOS

    DOS programs still run under Windoes and I don't think that should be a problem. I ran Alpha under 95 and now 98 and other I read are running it under the newer versions and it runs better than what DOS did. It just don't have all the graphics that we DON'T need. I tried A5 V3 for 30 days and could do NOTHING. It was just TOO Hard.


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    Daniel Earley

    Default RE: A4V7 & DOS

    Thanks for the reply. I agree with you 100% except I am using A5 almost as much as A4. I too have run A4 under Windows 95 and 98, and as you say, it runs better under Windows then with DOS. My concern was that if I get A4V7/8
    will it still run when windows 2008 comes out? Thanks again.

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    Paul French
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    Apr 2000

    Default RE: A4V7 & DOS

    I'd hate to have to try to guarantee what will and won't run on a future version of Microsoft's operating systems. One of the claims that's been made against Microsoft is that they do things to "break" software from vendors that have products that compete with Microsoft's own. Don't know whether it's true or whether it's a simple matter of it being impossible to keep older apps running on newer operating systems and hardware. It makes little difference to the end result.

    Planned obsolescece also contributes to Microsoft's revenue stream. They aren't satisfied when people are happily running 8 year old apps because that means they aren't contributing to Microsoft's bottom line.

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Ken Herrold
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    May 2000

    Default RE: A4V7 & DOS

    Right on Paul when you say.....

    ...."they aren't contributing to Microsoft's bottom line..."

    Like Gates needs more bottom line.... He still needs to become the richest man in UNIVERSE!. He whipped the 'world' title some years ago after all.


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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Russ Boehle
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    Mar 2000

    Default RE: A4V7 & DOS

    I think someone posted on this board that V7 will be designed to work with XP, hence without DOS. I hope thisis true. Re V6 running on win 95 and 98 -- they are DOS based - alpha is running on the dos part.
    I have found in win 2k there is a compatibility problem that causes corruption when restructuring a dbf. Looking at is fine but don't change anything.
    I do run A4 on my notebook wiht win2k, but only for reference. I won't change anything there.


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