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    Wendy Nelson

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    I have a customer site that was using Alhpa4 Version 6 in a peer to peer environment and the were able to pack records on the computer that the data(Shop) folder was located. Recently we moved the data(Shop) folder to the server and pointed all the clients to that folder. Today they attempted to pack records, for the first time since the move, and they now get a message that says “access denied” or “file not found”. I am not a Alpha4 user but I assume there is a pointer somewhere that tells this utility where to find that data folder that now resides on the server. Can anyone help me out?

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    I never had the problem, but check the manual, I believe that 'Pack' an operation that requires exclusive access to the target db. If that be the case, the other users would have to log off during a pack at the server. 'Pack' should be more of a maintenance operation, rather than something done regularly at workstations.

    To avoid the need for constant packing, I usually filter indexes and reports witih '.not.deleted'. Packing can then be done whenever one feels like it.


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