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Thread: Slow loading (esp. sets)

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    George Stolis

    Default Slow loading (esp. sets)

    We often have long delays when trying to open up sets, where the screen just says "loading..." and stays there for
    quite some time. We're running A4V6 on Win95. In these instances, the set may actually load, but in others we get the ol' access denied/file not found message. This problem is very difficult to diagnose, as it can happen even when only one or two people are logged on to the system. I've searched through the archives, and I tried disabling VirusScan with no improvement. Any help is appreciated.
    (using co-worker's log on)

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    Default RE: Slow loading (esp. sets)


    I've seen a lot of slow-loading when I had several 'DBSUM' fields - this would, of course, be even slower over a network. Could this be your problem?


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    George Stolis

    Default RE: Slow loading (esp. sets)

    Thanks for the reply, but no, there are no DBSUM fields.
    The problem is very sporadic, which makes diagnosis so much more difficult.

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