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Thread: Single user to Multi user Application

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    I am completely new to alpha software so please excuse my ignorance. I have inherited an application (.APP) that runs on a single user version of Alpha4 Version 2. I also have a Multi user version (version 2) installed on the network and am trying to run the application on this installation. When I choose "Run Application", the system returns to the previous menu without running the application. Can anyone help? I have no idea what to do.

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    First, are you sure that a4 is installed correctly on the client and on the network? If so, usually you run the executable from C: and put the A4net file (I think that's the name)in the Alpha directory on the server. the app and dbf's are on the server.
    When you run the app it must have the proper path to where it's located on the network.
    with the runtime, I just have a master install on the server, and If I need to add a client, I copy the whole AlphaX directory to the C: drive. Real quick and painless. Also make sure that files in config.sys is set to a fairly high value, we use 255 but you can usually get by with less.


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