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Thread: Summary Field in a browse

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    Default Summary Field in a browse

    Hi,it´s possible to have a Total field in a browse view,from an invoice form ?
    I mean,i got an invoice set/form:

    Now i want to browse the invoice and see :

    That´s all.
    Thank you all for any help .
    Best regards.

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    Default RE: Summary Field in a browse


    To get what you want, restructure the header db with another field.

    Then use the 'Summary' option in field rules and describe the region field you want summarized.

    In this example the header is INVHEAD; the new field is TTLPARTS and the child is INVITEM.

    [below under value you have the choice of 'user-entered', 'calculated' or 'summary' - pick summary and do this.....

    Value : Summary
    Summary of : INVITEM->PARTS
    Summary Function : Total
    Ignore Mode : None

    Post data : No
    Above was copied and pasted and is in, of course, the field rules for the set. It'll work every time.

    Too bad it's not that easy in A5 where it's a pain in the neck.

    I have an extra A4V6 Manual - Send your mailing address and I try and send it to you. [ a little dog-eared ].

    Ken Again

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