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Thread: A4v6 reports and printing "regions"

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    Kareem Barber

    Default A4v6 reports and printing "regions"


    I have recently upgraded from A4v2 to A4v6. I am having a bit of confusion with printing child database fields on a report similar to a region on a form (since A4v6 is unable to print forms with regions on them).

    My current database layout is one parent database, with three children, all with a one-to-many link to the parent.

    What I would like to see is something similar to:

    Parent Data

    Child A Record 1
    Child A Record 2
    Child A Record 3

    Child B Record 1
    Child B Record 2

    Child C Record 1
    Child C Record 2


    Is there any way to accomplish this?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kareem Barber

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    Robert Picard
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    Default RE: A4v6 reports and printing

    Hi Kareem

    I am just commenting on your remark that forms with regions will not print. This is a problem. Sometimes the layout in a form just cannot be recreated in a report or you just want to print the one record in the set with the form layout.

    My solution is make a duplicate form with %variable fields
    for each field on the form belonging to the parent and child/s.

    You can then READ the %variable values or SET them using a direct reference to the table on your region form. Then you would print your second form with the variables which would have all those values.

    When I want to print more than one record I use a loop statement that advances to the next record, gets the values and then prints the Variables form.

    Hope this helps


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    Default RE: A4v6 reports and printing

    After unzipping the attached file, open set1, set the index to parentid, then run report A. Hope this helps.

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    Kareem Barber

    Default RE: A4v6 reports and printing

    Thanks for the insight!

    Both of these solutions should work for me. I was obviously overthinking the solution and missed the obvious.

    Thanks again.

    Kareem Barber

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    Default RE: A4v6 reports and printing

    Also, look at the Scanning() function in the manual. For reports with several 1 to many this can solve a lot of problems and works well.


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